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Diet for Fitness


The research found that women who keep food diaries, eat about 20 percent less food than those women who do not have food diaries. A Recent study found that people tend to consume an extra 110 calories per weekend day, from fat and alcohol. Then down or cut out calories from sauces, dressings, drinks, spreads, snacks and condiments. They could make the significant difference between weight loss and gain. Here are some healthy diet tips to remain fit and healthy.… Read the rest

How to Burn Belly Fat


In a recent report, participants displayed 12 for each penny more fat smolder amid activity in a six-week program circling anaerobic interims. In a study, the prior year, dynamic ladies who occupied with temporary preparing experienced 36 for each penny more utilization of fat for fuel amid workouts in as meager as two weeks and another study found that ladies who took an interest in general 20-minute cycling interims for 15 weeks experienced a healthy 2.5 kg of fat misfortune. … Read the rest

Weight Loss


Weight loss is good because it means you will lose pounds steadily and slowly. There is some way to rev up your metabolism so you can lose weight and burn calories more quickly.


1- Start lifting Buy a set of five-pound weights.

Its strength training builds muscle tissues which burn more calories whether you are at work or rest. The more you have lean muscles, the faster you will slim down. To start strength training, try some lunges, pushups … Read the rest

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